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TRR Recruitment

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Want to join the Team?

Want to join the Team? Apply here (Recruitment is currently OPEN.)

Postby Seppuku » 10 Sep 2007, 17:46

Hey stupid. Interested in being in TRR? Really?

Here’s what you need to know:

Team Ram Rod is above all a bunch of friends who like killing shit together. We like good teamplay. We have some spectacularly deranged members who are surgeons with a knife. We say unspeakable things about each other's moms.

Still interested? Here’s what you need to do
    :arrow: Frequent the servers.
    :arrow: Join squads with TRR members.
    :arrow: Use VOIP & join us on teamspeak.
    :arrow: Be a team player.
    :arrow: Introduce yourself over in this forum. Get known.
    :arrow: Get ready to get knifed a lot.

We don’t take people under 18. We don’t give a shit about your stats. If we like playing with you that’s the only important thing. We have never added anyone to the roster without getting to know them first and playing with them a good bit.

Lastly, you should know all members contribute $6 per month to keep the servers running.

If you feel like you’re set on all the above, make a new post in this forum to actually apply. There’s no form or anything. Just say who you are.

Membership doesn’t happen overnight. There is a week-long voting process (sometimes longer) for members to get to know people applying. For the members who don’t know you, this is the most important time for them to get playtime with you.

If you have any questions feel free to PM one of the admins.

That’s it!

God bless your mom.
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