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TRR Recruitment

ok, i've thought aboot it...

Want to join the Team? Apply here (Recruitment is currently OPEN.)

Postby John Cooke » 16 Mar 2009, 01:42

DDoubleVVision wrote:oh my god, I was just posting something like that, but changed my mind, and then your post showed up JC. Lol.

LOL... tell me about it, there's been a couple of post you were quicker on the draw too, but was thinking the same thing... we must be smoking\drinking the same shit LOL :lol:
fatmooseknuckle wrote:...if i wanted to get tossed like that, i'd go buy a bottle of ranch dressing and call up gomnadz.
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John Cooke
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Postby Gomnadz » 16 Mar 2009, 11:11

cableguy619 wrote:I was SBCKILLER in 1942.. and well Moose and the majority of the SBC(now ATT) members didn't like it so much, so then Came along the Cableguy!!!!!!!!

that funny, you should have keep that name so you could piss them off once in a while!
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Postby m007368 » 16 Mar 2009, 15:53

Dont kid yourself cable. SBC will always equal bitches no matter what they call themselves now.

That might explain why it took them four months to finalize my bill after I left Cali, yep SBC = Bitches.
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Postby Fito68 » 16 Mar 2009, 18:05

Ok so i used the search feature and looked up vagina and it led me here. First WTF your a chick? and oh ya stop running my ass over when im cutting the grass!!!! bloody americans. :mrgreen:
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