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TRR Recruitment

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Allrighty then...

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Postby SecrtSqurl » 10 Mar 2008, 10:40

SilentBucho wrote:
fatmooseknuckle wrote:
SilentBucho wrote:Second... Since the TRR server is so popular with the kids,

actually, most of our clan & regulars are an older bunch. for the most part we're all family guys & girls.

I just meant "popular with the kids" in that it's usually full when I check. Geez, mister literal here. I was just wondering if anyone had favorites if they aren't playing on the TRR server. (You didn't get those Titan buttons on the TRR server did you ?)

Just trying to get some skills.

Plus I've got people telling me "Don't use the VOSS". Like I'm supposed to run around with my balls in one hand and a health pack in the other... cheez-n-crackers! (notice how I can also semi-swear around the youngins'... lol)

I'll just shut up now... :wink: .

Dont listen to those that tell you not to use the voss. Its the only weapon I like to use. Its stable and has a large clip. It may not have the stopping power of the krylov or bauer but I'll take the trade off. A voss and a defibulator is all you need to keep a squad in the game :)

As for other servers, I only like to play on those that have friendly fire on.... Its the only way to learn the game!
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