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DONATIONS, Clan Info and Rules

Hey there, friend. Give us money! DONATIONS

Read here for server information and the rules.

Postby Seppuku » 24 Dec 2007, 17:24

We like you. Do you like us? Servers cost money. Nothing shows gratitude like warm, soft e-cash.

If you would like to donate some money to keep the servers going, use the TRR paypal account: trr_clan@hotmail.com (there is an underscore between trr and clan).

If typing isn't your thing, just click this handy button (recommended):

[ One time payment of whatever you want ]

The button/link is preferred because it lets us know who paid. Click the little blue link or + sign on the Paypal page before you click pay, and enter your IN-GAME NAME and the month it's for. If you don't no one will know who the fuck you are. Lookie below for reference.


That's it, ladies. God bless.
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